1979-1982 Apprenticeship as a cabinet maker and a restorer of antique furniture in the workshop of his father Rudolf Senn, fine woodworker in 4th Generation
1980 – 1987 Member of the Swiss national athletic team (running middle distances), alongside his work as a cabinet maker
1988 Cabinet maker with Rohner Furniture Inc., New York
1989-1990 Studies of art and interior architecture, Academy of Art in San Francisco
1991 Foundation of the cabinet making workshop „WohnGeist Stefan Senn“in Basel registration as a company which a high commitment to sustainability in all aspects of its work
1997 Transformation of „WohnGeist Stefan Senn“to „WohnGeist Ltd.“
1999 First design-object for Victoria-Design AG: valet stand „Serafino“
2004 10 employees, of which 4 apprentices; setting up a second workshop
2005 Setting up a third workshop
2008 16 employees, of which 5 apprentices; moved to one big workshop with an integrated showroom and transformed „WohnGeist Ltd“ to “WohnGeist AG”