As a self-employed product and textile designer Sabina Brägger is searching, locating and exploring unused material sources. For example, she developed Swiss sturgeon fish-leather. Sabina was born (06.07.89) and grew up in a small village near Berne. She studied textile design in Lucerne and worked in Berne and Amsterdam. In summer 2015, she graduated. Since January 2016 she leads her own company and has a workspace in an old saddlery near Berne. She develops Swiss materials, designs and products always very tightly linked to traditional crafts, but processed through the eyes of a young designer. She does not agree with the conventional ways of production, but it was clear to her that she wanted to be a designer. So she decided to go her own ways in order to produce materials she can support 100%. One example of a material Sabina scouted in this manner is fish-leather. In the Swiss alps exists a sturgeon farm where big amounts of fish skin accumulate. This caught her interest she searched for possibilities to make use of this waste material. Together with a Swiss tannery she created a vegetable tanning recipe based on renewable resources. The future goal of Sabina Brägger is to locate and develop more materials similar to the sturgeon-leather and to learn and benefit from the diverse field of crafts in Switzerland.