More than 35 years ago my interest in papercutting was awakened. It was my love for drawing which led me to the silhouette art. Since I was a child, a horse painting from Christian Schwizgebel is always by my side. I am fascinated by every kind of papercuttings, both cut in colour or in black, made by artists from my region or from others. Since 2014 I am a board member of the Swiss Association of Friends of Papercutting Art. I support an animated but also modern papercutting scene, conscious of its tradition. I have (almost) always been loyal to the traditions of the Saanenland region, with its parades up to the Alps coloured in black and white, and its animal paintings. Horses, cows, chamois, goats, pigs… arranged symmetrically between houses, trees and chalets; horses in all variations are my favourite motifs. I embellish the border of my mostly quite large papercuttings with rich flower patterns and ornaments.