Philipp Kuntze (born 1971) is an interior architect and the owner of the Qn’C studio. Determined on the research of materials and crafts, Philipp Kuntze is oriented to a design work based on refined handicrafts to produce unique furniture. Unique is not just another adjective to marketing the product, the word is well used when we sense all the accuracy of design. Inspired by old crafts techniques and traditions, the work produced underlines this fascinating way to present new objects with a great amount of care on detail and higher level of quality. Function and form expressing a world of differences when comparing this philosophy of work with mass produced objects that only have little stories to tell. The concern is to present distinguished furniture with all those harmonious visual qualities resulting from skilled handmade work. Philipp Kuntze is also the founder of the organization World Crafts. World Crafts strengthens and promotes old and new crafts around the world, so that the greatest knowledge and subsequent culture are preserved. The table series LIF are the good example of the Qn’C orientation, showing a good combination of traditional craftsmanship based on secular woodturning and Swiss inlay techniques. The tables show how well executed they are and how innovative they can be by putting together technology and culture, transforming good materials into unique and timeless products.