I started late with ceramics; about 17 years ago. And at that time I had no idea of how much it would influence my life. I love the fact that ceramics create connections – between the artist and viewer ; between the piece and the user. I enjoy producing pieces which adds a smile on people’s face; pieces which express a shiny mood. My jewelry tends to be statement pieces; with chunky rings and big necklaces – I design and produce pieces I enjoy wearing myself. I work with stoneware and porcelain. My rings are one of a kind, sculpted and carved from a block of clay. The glaze is mixed to the clay body and the piece is fired very high. I also make functional ware – but they’re rather minimalist style; playing with opposites (raw and rough/shiny and smooth).The great side of ceramics is the endless possibilities… I started late but I can see myself doing ceramics till my next life.