Nadine Bucher was born in 1972. She began her studies in free art with a minor in architecture, before she completed a master’s degree in design and management at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. As a result, Nadine Bucher’s work is often at the interface between art and design, combined with architectural elements. As a designer, Nadine Bucher does not limit herself – unusual, poetic and everyday objects or installations emerge from her multidisciplinary approach. This interdisciplinary concept has led to exciting collaborations with a wide range of artisans. Sustainability and the use of local resources are very important to Nadine Bucher. Purely Swiss! Traditional craftsmanship inspires her reinterpretations with new materials. Nadine became self-employed a year after graduation. Her first collection, produced exclusively in Switzerland, was released in 2013. Alongside her work, she also teaches at the school of wood sculpture in Brienz and shares her knowledge in a variety of design workshops.