Born 24 February 1960 in Glarus, Switzerland, I grew up in Switzerland, USA and Germany. From 1981 to 1984: vocational training as furniture joiner. Further activities: furniture production, interior design, product design in the wood processing industry/ Technical support at the Ashanti workshops for students at the School of Design in Pforzheim headed by Johanna Dahm/ Leading employee for a Swiss manufacturer of biomass incineration plants/ Since 2012 Increased activity as jewelry designer as a sideline, and formation of a company.

In 1984 I came across the Ashanti casting technology in a publication by Max Fröhlich and, since then, I have dedicated myself to this fascinating craft. Each piece is unique, and requires a laborious manual process in which wax, clay, charcoal and horse manure is formed, fired and cast. The procedure is called lost-wax casting and goes back about 6,000 years. With the help of the sophisticated Ashanti technology from Ghana it is possible to create highly expressive, thin-walled objects with very delicate designs.