Born on July 5th, 1957, in Switzerland, I live and work in the region of Bern. I taught myself fibre arts and crafts and studied Cultural Anthropology. 1991 I began teaching textile arts. 2000-2003 I undertook an apprenticeship in basket making and this caused me to reflect on the place of traditional handcraft in the contemporary world. 2003 I established my own studio in Bern, as a freelance textile artist. In 2014, I wrote the book „einhängen und verschlingen“ (textile single element structures). I took part in various exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Poland. My passion is to discover and test the technical and artistic potential of textile techniques like braiding, netting, knotting, and looping, which create a fabric without the use of a loom.  These techniques combine single threads, creating multi-dimensional structures without mechanical aids. There is harmony between shapes and materials.The key words of my vast and exciting field are: Search/Find/Apply/Preserve/ Pass on knowledge.