1956 Born in Zernez, Switzerland
1972-78 School of farmers in Schiers/ School of weavers in Richterswil/ School of arts and crafts in St. Gallen/ School of art in Lucerne
1979 Studentship of the confederacy of Switzerland
1979-80 Designer of textile by creation Baumann in Langenthal
1981 Studies in Scandinavia

Since 1982 Freelanced artist. Art on building structures. Interventions with mostly mural paintings. For example 2013-14 House ‘Sura’ in Davos – sgraffito technique: Sura is a mansion in Davos. The house stands like a rock on a hill, is like a monolith. On the front there is a thick plaster of chalk applicated, which is colored with the colour of the local rock. Then there are a few layers of lime slurry and/or several layers with coloured chalk sinter water put on it. All done ‘al fresco’. At least the still wet stucco will be scratched. This is an old traditional kind of a decoration of buildings in this region. The artist intended to modernize this tradition in a modern kind of craftwork, with a contemporary expression of forms and signs.