Martin Bill goes with the flow. Flowing water, blowing winds, foaming waves, folded paper, flying flags, polished stone, buildings as high as the sky, a person straightening up. As a sculptor and human being Martin Bill seeks harmony and goes with his own and his sculptures’ flow. Martin Bill works mainly with two representational forms: steles and wall-mounted wooden sculptures. Martin Bill only works with wood. With power saw, chisel and rasp he removes unwanted material, coming closer and closer, step by step, to the definite form. Martin Bill says he seeks harmony. In the beginning he continued to work with figurative elements, but soon focused exclusively on abstract forms. He starts out by working on the raw wooden blocks with his power saw; thereafter he uses a chisel for the finer structures, and for the details he prefers a rasp. He only rarely sands the surfaces smooth with sandpaper. It’s important to him that traces of the artisan’s work remain visible. Martin Bill is a surfer. He goes with the flow.