Joëlle Bellenot was born in la Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. She studied in Decorative Art School (fine arts department), High School of ceramic in Geneva and Institute of Industrial Art of Faenza in Italy. In 1991 she earned her degree in industrial and product design from the University of Applied Sciences, Art and Design, in Geneva. Since then she has been an independent ceramic artist, creating ceramic objects for exhibits and competitions, facilities, as well as architectural structures in private home. She has a fascination with earthen architectures and she travels in many countries (Mali, Iran, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Marocco, Mexico, Burkina-faso, etc). From 1996 to 2005 she taught at the schools of applied arts in Geneva and Vevey, and since 2005 at the Vevey Art School in the ceramic department. She has been awarded numerous prizes. Terra cotta, used by man for thousands of years to make common household containers or sacred figurines, has maintained its dual significance. Ceramics belongs to both the domains of art and applied art. It is the fine line between these two that she continues to explore.