Was born in Glarus (1956), Switzerland. She lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland. Federal graduate 1976, Draftswomen in Structural Engineering. Federal graduate 1976, BMS Design, Kunstgewerbeschule, Zürich. Graduate interior architect dip. Ing. 1979, State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart. Graduate 1980, International Association of Colour Consultants IACC, Salzburg. Professional activities since 1980. Interior archtecture, product design and structural design consultant on various projects of private homes, restaurants, hotels, spa, exibition design and of corporate visual communication. Journalist and editor in chief, various reports and features on architecture, interior architecture and design. Product development and production support to artists and design and advertising consultancy. Edition Gabi Faeh, founded in 1990, a limited craftsmanship edition of vases made of gold- and silver-plate brass, ceramic and glass, designed by Stefano Casciani and Gabi Faeh.