Catherine Liechti, born 1971, lives and works in Fribourg, Switzerland. Graduated from Geneva University of Art and Design, HEAD, Geneva. Graduated from Fribourg University, master in didactic education. Member of the collective group of artists VISARTE. Professor of visual arts at the University of Teacher Education, Fribourg, Switzerland. Throughout my artistic work, I bring out the ambiguity, the uncertainty of any perception. The forms and spaces I represent evoke strange, dreamlike situations. Memory and evanescence are central in the creative process of my various productions: sometimes physically, as in ink drawings that fade out after a few years, or in those wax sculptures that transform and melt because of their exposure to heat. Sometimes the relationship to memory is more symbolic, as in the series of watercolour paintings, evoking fleeting and moving images, or in the oil paintings representing blurred landscape fragments. I am also very interested in the link with fiction: everyone imagines a story’s elements differently … I evoke traditional fables, fairy tales and myths and I realize a visual, plastic transposition of the highlights of the story.