Aline Julie Hubschmid – 1996 born in Berne, Switzerland. 2013-2014 Pre-course for design and arts at the Neue Schule für Gestaltung in Langenthal, Switzerland. Since 2014 Education in ceramic design at the School of Visual Arts and Design in Berne, Switzerland. Further education: Practical course in glass design – Act drawing – Lomography – Digital 3D drawing/Cobalt – Screen printing – Stone sculpturing. In my work I perform the similarity between the age of baroque and today. The spontaneity in my process, which is visible in the end in my vessels, takes me to our contemporary era and offers me a new way to work with an experimental and individual gesture. With the material porcelain I can set up a permanent dialogue which I can transfer from piece to piece. This experience encourages me to continue and to get involved with the unknown.